Friday February 23 , 2018
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In 1854, Elias P. Fontroy IV, on a sabbatical voyage up the Amazon, discovered a new species of monkey. He named the species fragaria ateles geoffroyi (strawberry monkey) for it's unique antics when presented with any red fruit, particularly strawberries. Upon capture of an excellent example of the species, he returned to his home in Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky on the banks of the Ohio River, and to his job as a riverboat captain and bartender.

Elias' monkey became a fixture in his bar, and in the pilot house of his riverboat. His pet became so popular that people came from as far away as Zinc, Arkansas to see the monkey's antics when presented with strawberries. Eventually a collection of local river sailors and strawberry monkey aficionados became regulars at Elias' bar. The Strawberry Monkey Yacht Club (SMYC) was born.

Originally, the SMYC was a strictly secret society comprised only of Monkey's Eyebrow locals. Rigorous initiation rites were established to ensure that only the most worthy sailors were allowed entrance. One night, however, during a particularly vigorous celebration in the bar, an SMYC member revealed the existence of the club to a stranger at the bar. That stranger happened to be a reporter for The Big Pasture News of Grandfield, Oklahoma, and soon, the secret of the SMYC was a secret no more.

First by pony express mail, then telegraph and telephone, requests poured in to Elias' bar for membership in the SMYC. He eventually bowed to the pressure and agreed to allow membership from Strawberry Monkey fans worldwide. Sadly, the original home of the SMYC has not stood the test of time - The Strawberry Monkey Yacht Club was in danger of becoming another footnote in history, and the species fragaria ateles geoffroyi was believed to be extinct. In recent years however, a small but devout group of Strawberry Monkey loyalists has rekindled the spirit and meaning of the organization. Additionally, a number of remaining strawberry monkeys have been discovered. Most recently, the paths of some like-minded ocean voyagers crossed on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. They soon became aware that their bonds were much deeper than expected and through the intercourse of their communal spirits they discovered their mutual links to the Strawberry Monkey Yacht Club.

Today, the SMYC has countless members in locations far and wide. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, membership in the Strawberry Monkey Yacht Club is available online to those who honor it's traditions and are deemed worthy of it's benefits. The magic and mystery of the no longer secret society has lived on and continues to meet the needs and expectations of voyagers and voyeurs worldwide.





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