Friday February 23 , 2018
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Minutes of Meeting - January 26, 2009


The first official unofficial meeting of the Strawberry Monkey Yacht Club took place aboard Oso Blanco on January 26, 2009. The following is the official unofficial minutes of that meeting party.


INSTRUCTIONS for best absorption of these notes, follow these simple rules:

Sit down and relax with your favorite beverage

Every time you see themonkey_icon.jpg , stop and take a drink

If you think it's serious, think again

If it feels like work, don't do it!


The meeting was not called to order by anyone - thank goodness. The following is a list of ideas for what the SMYC may require in the future:

  1. The Strawberry Monkey Drink - a first version was concocted by monkey_icon.jpgAnnie and Andrea. The ingredients are to be kept secret at all costs! Although not totally dialed in yet (much research needs to continue in the department) the SM drink included strawberries, bananas, coconut cream, tonic water and dark rum. Any experimentation with this drink recipe should be documented and promptly submitted to the founding members.

  2. A Slogan - Many suggestions were made but none seemed to stick. monkey_icon.jpgWe agreed the slogan had to allude to the original meaning of the Strawberry Monkey - remember what happened to the monkey when he saw the strawberry? Suggestions included:

    1. What Turns You On?

    2. Follow Your Bliss

    3. When Do You See Red?

    4. If you'd like to see red....come to the SM Cantina

    5. What's Your Pleasure?

    6. What Pushes Your Button?

    7. BOING!

  3. Logo - A good startmonkey_icon.jpg has been made on the logo. A suggestion was made to add a banana tree behind the monkey

  4. Uniforms - thinking ahead to the Strawberry Monkey Cantinamonkey_icon.jpg (location to be determined) it was suggested that we design uniforms. Ideas ranged from gorilla costumes to skimpy monkey bikinis. Nothing was decided except that apparel should be red.

  5. Membership requirements - Just what the title implies....monkey_icon.jpgNo suggestions were made.

  6. STMC Song - "Hey Hey We're the Monkeys" monkey_icon.jpgcame up and the names Davy, Mike, Mickey and Peter were recalled. No one claimed to currently like the group, The Monkeys, so that theme song was quickly passed by. It was decided it would take a "many cocktail" night to create the song.

  7. Lymerick - Some progress was made on the SMYC limerickmonkey_icon.jpg:

There once was a monkey in a cage,

Kept locked up he flew into a rage,

They flashed him a berry

His reaction was scary (or so merry)

His length exceeded his age.

  1. Website - Casey, monkey_icon.jpgour resident computer genius and hacker, volunteered for website duty

Several important responsibilities were assigned to, inflicted upon, conferred, appropriately distributed:




Application for Membership

Andrea and Karlmonkey_icon.jpg

After one week of no whining from kids about schoolwork

Events Management

Nancy and Mikemonkey_icon.jpg

After one week of no boat maintenance projects

Marketing Accessories (apparel, logo, etc.)

Annie and Ericmonkey_icon.jpg

After a month of no guests



When schoolwork is done

Other ideas that should be notedmonkey_icon.jpg:

Membership drives

Name our mascot monkey

Monkey pole on the dance floor in the cantina

Monkey jewelry

Official SMYC beanie baby - "take a little monkey home with you"

Barrel of monkeys

Plastic hanging monkeys to hang on drinks

Size matters

We're in the "Monkey Business"

The House Band will need a monkey name

Male dancers called the Gorillas

In Spanish - Mono Fresa

After Casey looked up and found over five pages of different types of monkeysmonkey_icon.jpg, these names were noted as possible drink names for the Strawberry Monkey Cantina drink menu:

Squirrel Monkey

Howler Monkey



Spider Monkey

Wooley Monkey

Mustache Monkey

Snubbed nose Monkey

Drill Mandrillas

Bearded Saki

Bald Ukari

Pig-tailed langur

White-tailed Surili

Fuzzy Monkey

Dead Monkey

Biting Monkey

Jello Monkey

Any changes or corrections to these minutes should be submitted via blog - once Casey gets that set up!!

Now finish up that drink!monkey_icon.jpgmonkey_icon.jpgmonkey_icon.jpgmonkey_icon.jpgmonkey_icon.jpgmonkey_icon.jpg