Friday February 23 , 2018
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New Charter Members Inducted


In what can only be described as a highly unusual event, the Council of Captains of the Strawberry Monkey Yacht Club of Latter Day Sailors (SMYC or SMYC/LDS) held a secret special session to act upon open issues remaining from the general meeting held in early 2009. With the confidence gained from the recently rediscovered teachings of the “The Book of Monkey”, the following decisions were made:

  1. Membership applications will now be accepted

  2. Membership application form was approved.

  3. Standards of Worthiness were proposed and accepted.

  4. Members were approved (see below)


In what may be the most dramatic action ever taken by the leadership council, long pending membership applications from the earliest Later Day Sailors, were finally approved. Not only were these members deemed worthy, but each one of them has been granted Charter Member status. As Charter Members, they will continue to have special access to the Council of Captains, as well as enjoy all regular benefits of membership.

Charter Members

Annie Bloomquist (Oso Blanco)

Eric Bloomquist (Oso Blanco)

Andrea Matson – DeKay (Four Pack)

Karl Matson – Dekay (Four Pack)

Mike McConnell (land voyaging)

Nancy McConnell (land voyaging)

Andy Barrow (land voyaging)

Liz Barrow (land voyaging)

Jamie Gifford (Totem)

Behan Gifford (Totem)