Friday February 23 , 2018
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June 5, 2010 Strawberry Monkey Initiation

The first Pacific rally of the Strawberry Monkey Yacht Club took place aboard Oso Blanco at the Fakarava atoll in the Tuamotos Islands on June 5th. In attendance were several of the founding members including Behan and Jamie from Totem and Annie and Eric from Oso Blanco. Initiation ceremonies were performed for the following members:

  •             Susan and Andrew – s/v Mulan
  •             Mike and Hyo – s/v I.O.
  •             Lori and Ken – s/v Trim
  •             PJ and Brad – s/v Capaz
  •             Ruth and Tim – s/v Kamaya


Since formal initiation procedures have yet to be established, license was taken in what may be a precedent setting event. There were three parts to the evening:

  1. Big Kahuna’s Hypnotism: The Big Kahuna (Eric), dressed in regal Kuhuna attire (lampshade on head, colorful baggy pants and monkey t-shirt – see photo), performed hypnotic acts on Susan. Sitting across from each other, each held a plate and Susan was instructed to follow Eric’s every move. She did a spectacular job! Little did she realize the results…… (details are being withheld so as to not alert future members of what may be ahead for them).
  2. Member participation: Each couple was asked to perform a task, drawn at random. Due to the creative talents of this graduating class, we now have a Monkey dance, an official secret Monkey handshake(see Note), the Strawberry Monkey cocktail (yet to be tried) and ideas for the future location and ambiance of the SM Cantina.
  3. The Toast: Participants had two options for toasting drink: Noni (the Mormon fruit drink made from the Noni fruit grown in the Marquesas and sold in Salt Lake City!) or Mahe’s beer – a homemade fruity hooch we got from our friend, Mahe, at Daniel’s bay. All agreed the Noni was disgusting! The hooch, not so bad. 

A video of the new dance is available here:

Other Photos of the event:


(Note: The handshake can be used by Charter and Initiated members.   It can also be used by Associate Members when they are wearing their T shirt or drinking using a SMYC coozie.)